It’s All About Traffic in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 6:54pm by John Stevens

Traffic can be both good and bad—it all depends on the type. If you are trying to get home from work than the traffic on the freeway is definitely bad. If you run a website than traffic is definitely a good thing. Businesses inside of a shopping mall are fond of foot traffic. 

Traffic—or the lack of—can be vital to the success of a self storage facility depending on the kind.

Having an online presence is important to the success of self storage facilities. More often than not when people do need a self storage facility they take to the internet to look for one. So the better your online presence is the more likely your facility is to be found.

In order to help drive more traffic to their site many facilities join up with a self storage aggregator, an online directory of sorts for self storage facilities. For example, A-American Self Storage—a company with facilities in California, Hawaii, Missouri, and Nevada—recently joined up with to help boost their online presence.

“I liked the fact that’s products are easy to use, and the pricing is straightforward,” said Claire Shamsid-Deen, Vice President of Administration at A-American Self Storage. “Nick Bilava and the team at have a genuine appreciation for our business, and that’s important to us.”

While a self storage facility wants more traffic online in the real world traffic is not as important and can in fact be undesirable.

Any business is glad to have business come in off the street, but self storage facilities do not rely on it as much as other types of businesses do. Since it is not the type of business that generates a lot of traffic on a daily basis it can be a welcome addition to an area that does suffer from an abundance of it.

For example, in Berwyn, Illinois, a self storage facility has been approved for construction where a Harley Davidson store once was. The street that the former Harley store was on tends to have a lot of traffic; something that made it difficult for the Harley business to operate causing it to close its doors back in April 2012.

A lack of expected traffic helped pave the way for approval of a self storage facility.

“Because of the amount of traffic on Harlem [Avenue], the egress and ingress has always been terrible,” Lovero said. “Harley Davidson [had] struggled with it for years.”

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