It Helps to Know Who You Are Working With in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Aug 30 2013 - 11:03pm by Kim Kilpatrick

When a person decides to go into business there is one main concern that has to be addressed before you can really do anything: What product/service do you want to provide? To figure that out there are two important things to consider—what do you want to do and what will people actually buy from you. To figure that out it helps to know who you are working with.

That does not necessarily mean you have to get to know people on a personal level, but that you need to be aware of what people in and around the area you want to locate your business will buy. For example, if you wanted to sell cowboy boots opening a store in New York City may not be the best place.

When it comes to the self storage industry, knowing who you are going to be renting space is vital to the success of the facility. If you are located near a college town you probably want to be really involved in social media where you can engage current and potential tenants. A self storage unit located in a rural community is going to rely more on word of mouth and/or a billboard for advertising.

“We got involved in Facebook to expound the brand and get our image out to the community,” said Doug Hunt of Access Self Storage in Lancaster. “…It’s hard to track, but I know that it’s important to keep your name in front of people. And if keeping your name out in front of younger folks means keeping up a Facebook page then absolutely!”

As valuable as social media is to connecting with the younger generation there is something to be said for just getting together and eating some food. All Canadian Self Storage recently cooked up a feat for its employees as well as the staffs of a couple nearby businesses. 

“I love to entertain and cook for people, but ever since I was younger I always had a fear of not cooking enough food for everyone at the party,” said Hal Spadling, the ‘cook’ from All Canadian Self Storage.

Such a thing does not have the immediate reach that a facility can get via social media, but it does tend to have a longer lasting effect. It shows a personal touch and a desire to get to know people; something that many people do respond to. It is also the kind of thing that facility employees and the guests from the nearby business will be more than happy to talk about on social media.

Whether it is through cookouts or social media, either way the end goal is the same. Get to know your people and then cater your efforts to them. If they like what they see they are more likely to want to rent.

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