Is That a Plastic Duck in Your Self Storage Unit or are You Happy to See Me?

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 11:39pm by Tony Gonzalez

All sorts of things can be stored in self storage units. It’s kind of the nature of the business. The customer needs space for their bike, couch, clothes, boat, books, or anything really (with the exception of anything illegal) so they go to their local self storage facility.

What if they had thousands of little plastic ducks? Of course!

With the right unit storing thousands of small plastic ducks can absolutely be done—just ask the good people at BiG Storage in Chester, United Kingdom. 

Last September the Countess of Chester Hospitals Babygrow Appeal raised £12,500 through a massive duck race on the River Dee. People were able to ‘sponsor’ ducks for a small fee with a prize going to the first five ducks that cross the finish line. 

Since the 2014 edition of the race is still months away the organizers needed somewhere to keep the ducks in the interim. That’s where BiG Storage was able to come to the rescue.

“We were delighted to help the Babygrow Appeal by providing a new home for the ducks,” said Jeff Banks, business development manager at BiG Storage.

“BiG Storage are proud to be a local community-focused business and we wanted to show our support to the Countess of Chester Hospital’s fundraising team by looking after the ducks throughout the year before they reappear for the 2014 Duck Race!”

Getting involved in the community and laying down roots is nothing new for members of the self storage community or BiG Storage. The company entered in to its fourth season as a sponsor of the local soccer club.

Andrew Donaldson, partner of BiG Storage, said: “We’re proud to be one of the founding supporting sponsors of Chester FC and renewing and developing our deal for a fourth season was a no-brainer.”

The company was also instrumental in saving the local basketball team, the Chester Phoenix, as well.

“We are keen to spread the word about the club within the community and we see lots of cross promotional activities between the two codes this season and hopefully in future years,” said Dave Riche, marketing and business development consultant for Chester FC.

The money raised through the race was earmarked to help cover the cost of a new neonatal unit at the hospital in Chester. So the answer to the question is this: Yes, that is a little plastic duck in a self storage unit and I am happy to see it.

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