Is Having a Manager Living on Site the Way to Go?

Posted on Feb 28 2011 - 9:52am by Kim Kilpatrick

If there is one thing that people can almost universally complain about it is their commute to work. It is bad enough that you have to spend eight or more hours a day at the office, but to be stuck getting up an hour early to drive in and then be stuck in traffic again at night is not the most pleasant thing in the world to do.

So what if you could actually live on-site at your job? You would never need to face traffic again. You could sleep in and get home much sooner not to mention the money you would save on gas (which in this economy is a lot these days).

In the self storage industry it is not a new thing to see managers and their families living on-site. Many of them come designed with an apartment for the manager to use built into the layout of the facility. However, before getting an apartment added to your facility or including one in the design prior to construction there are pros and cons that you should consider.

Having someone on hand to be able to deal with any issues that arise during off hours can be a tremendous benefit to the company. If something were to happen at the facility, i.e. break-ins, accidents, etc., it is good to have someone that can be quickly on-site to represent the company for the authorities.

Having an apartment for the manager can also be looked at as a perk to your manager. Not having to pay rent would save someone a good amount of money, even in the worst of neighborhoods. At the same time it can serve as a pretty good excuse to not have to pay them as much either.

Many people like the idea of work from home type situation and would find an on-site apartment an ideal scenario for them. Although they couldn’t exactly go to work in their pajamas, it certainly does not get much closer to the concept then that!

However, while there are plenty of pros to the idea there are cons. They typically relate to two different things, security and customers.

Sadly, self storage facilities are often the target of criminal activity. Tenants are aware of this and the fact that their belongings may be in danger even with the security precautions that your self storage facility takes. The manager and his/her family are potentially in the line of fire as well.

Sometimes customers do not give the manager the respect they deserve as a person living in their home. They see the apartment as an extension of the offense and do not hesitate to knock on windows and doors after hours for a variety of reasons.

While the apartment can serve as a carrot for perspective managers it can also be a negative. If a situation occurs where you have to fire your manager you are also effectively evicting him/her from their home as well. While you are justified in doing so since the apartment was contingent on employment, no one wants to make someone homeless either.

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