Inside Self-Storage Hosts Legal Learning Webinar Series

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 6:44am by John Stevens

Legalities surround businesses at every step. For the self storage industry, especially with the advent of the popularity of realty TV series like “Storage Wars” and the changing legal landscape in many states, the ins and outs of lien sales are directly in the spotlight.  That is one of the reasons Inside Self-Storage is putting on a three-part Legal Learning Series for 2011.

The first in the series set for July 19, 2011 at 11:30 a.m., “What’s Wrong with Your Self-Storage Lien Sales Since the Advent of Realty TV?”  Self storage legal expert Jeffrey Greenberger will talk about the effect the popularity of shows like “Storage Wars” and “Auction Hunters” as well as address many state’s changing lien laws and how to keep your business in line. Experts suggest the following changes for lien sales:

• Highlighting items of interest/value during a sale
• Excluding items from a sale to keep personally
• Excluding items from a sale to sell separately at another time
• Online lien sales
• Lien sales broadcast on television

The TV shows have definitely created a buzz about the industry, but questions arise such as, Do more attendees equal more profits? And is it good to have all these inexperienced buyers at our auctions? Are they bad for business?

“The Most Expensive Legal Mistakes You Can Make as a Self-Storage Operator,” is the next webinar in line, set to take place on Sept. 20 at 11:30 a.m. Greenberger will cover many of the perplexing topics faced by facility owners and operators, such as when a tenant divorces, dies, becomes disabled or files for bankruptcy. How to handle these conflicts and which court documents to follow will be covered.  The following questions and issues will be addressed:

• How to handle the death of a tenant, including the people who want entry to the unit after it occurs. Questions to be answered include: Is a power of attorney effective and under what circumstances? What is an executor, administrator or commissioner in relation to the tenant’s estate? Can a facility operator rely on the contents of the tenant’s will?
• What to do in the event a tenant is disabled. Can you rely on the power of attorney or another document?
• What to do if your tenant gets divorced. Who gets entry to the unit? Who can remove items from the unit? How do you handle a conflict?
• The three chapters of bankruptcy and your rights as a facility operator under the relief from stay.

Lastly, on Nov. 15 at 11:30 a.m., Greenberger will present “Legislative Roundup and Open Q&A: Your Self-Storage Legal Questions Answered.” This special extended session will provide an overview of the self storage legal changes and proposed changes in various states and includes time for an open Q&A about any legal issues pertaining to self storage. Attendees can ask their questions early during a Nov. 1 online discussion on

All attendees to the November event will also be entered to win a free standard education package for the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, March 14-16, 2012. Registration for the complete Legal Learning series is available for $45, and attendees have the option of attending the live version or accessing the recorded version at their convenience.

Greenberger practices with the law firm of Katz, Greenberger & Norton LLP in Cincinnati, which represents owners and operators of commercial real estate, including self-storage. He counsels several state storage associations, including those for Kentucky and Ohio. He is also the owner of an online resource for facility owners.

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