Innovative Storage Company Provides Service to College Students

Posted on Apr 27 2012 - 7:05pm by Kim Kilpatrick

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That saying means that when people experience difficult situations they are inspired with clever or resourceful solutions. That’s the story of three college students in Pennsylvania – Joseph Leary, Peter Handy, and Daniel Abrahamsen.

As college students, they perfectly understood the need that students have for temporary storage over the summer for their belongings. That’s when they got an idea for a business. They decided to help their friends find storage over the summer break. They rented a truck and a storage unit and their business BoxMyDorm was created.

BoxMyDorm is a simple, affordable storage solution for college students nationwide. Their process is easy. First, a student places an order either online or by phone. BoxMyDorm sends the student a moving kit with everything the student needs. The student packs the box. Then BoxMyDorm picks up the box and stores it all summer. At the end of the summer, BoxMyDorm delivers the box to the student.

BoxMyDorm has revolutionized the college moving business. “We’ve created a scalable storage model whereby we can service 1 to 1,000 students at any campus,” stated Brian Altomare, Brand Manager.

“We do not have to step foot on a single college campus in order to service our thousands of students nationwide. Instead, boxes are picked up and delivered to the closest campus mailroom or for an additional fee we will pick up from a student’s room. We are essentially the Netflix of college storage,” concluded Brian.

They also have a referral system. If a student gets a friend to sign up and use BoxMyDorm, the student makes $25. If a student gets 5 friends to sign up, the student’s move is free. This is a great motivation for college students who always feel pinched for money.

Students can store many different types of items. They can store clothing, bedding, towels, small sporting goods, books, and knick-knacks. Students can also store small instruments, printers, desktop computers, televisions, and game consoles. If a student has something that does not fit in a box (such as a piece of furniture), the student can talk to the company to best determine how to store and ship the item.

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