How to be a Better Boss and Make Your Self Storage Business a Bigger Success

Posted on Dec 28 2010 - 9:36am by John Stevens

A highlight for many people can be when they become business owners. It’s a tremendous accomplishment in life and one that a person should be proud of. However, just owning a business is the easy part; making it profitable is the real challenge. For that you not only need customers, but more importantly need employees that want to work for you.

The trick can be in finding people that want to do just that—work for you. Everyone knows they need a job, but the necessity of work is not always enough motivation to encourage people to do the best they can do. That’s where it helps if your people actually like you a little.

It may seem like a silly idea, but having your employees like you can make a big difference in the success of your business. People generally do work harder for a boss that they can connect with and feel like they like. The trick can be in becoming their friend while still maintaining the proper boss-employee relationship. Establish too much of a friendship and they may not respect you as a boss, but fail to make some sort of personal connection and you may never get the best possible work out of your employees.

Being there friend while still being their boss may be easier than you think. One of the most important things you can do is monitor your own attitude when you are around your employees. Come in to the office with a poor, grumpy attitude and it will filter down to your employees. On the other hand, come in with a positive, upbeat attitude and you’ll likely find their spirits up. One thing is for sure, there is a direct correlation between people’s attitudes and their productivity.

Do best not to micromanage your people as much as possible. No one likes to feel like someone is looking over their shoulder while they are trying to do their jobs. Pretty soon people will simply quit trying to do their job, but will simply look to you to tell them what to do all the time. You have to give people a chance to do their jobs or they will simply quit trying. Instead of micromanaging, set up a system by which they update you; that way they feel like they have more control while you still get all the information you need.

If you are going to do the aforementioned things there are two things that you will need to do. First, is stopping complaining. When you do you just breed negativity which will have an adverse effect on work performance. Secondly, you have to hold your employees accountable. Establishing a positive relationship is good for morale and productivity, but you still have to make sure they know who the boss is.


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