How Good is Your Self Storage Software?

Posted on Dec 26 2013 - 11:59pm by Winnie Hsiu

Kids, ask Grandma what it was like to use a typewriter and I bet she’ll have horror stories about ribbon and ink and all sorts of things. Ask Mom what it was like to use one of the first word processors and she’ll describe them basically as electronic typewriters that made it much easier to correct mistakes (you might need to go to Grandma for this one). 

Now we have tablets that turn into laptops making it easy to access the internet, type a paper, or play Angry Birds no matter where you are. How did this come about? Easy—technology is our friend.

Advances in technology have made it easier and easier for people and businesses—including the self storage industry—to become self sufficient. Such advances have created a whole new market place, and hence a drive for the competition to become better.

Self storage software is intended to help managers and owners manage and run a facility in an efficient and profitable manner. Just like many products there are many that will work depending on your needs, but there is always going to be one that is considered better than the other.

For instance, a third party website recently named Easy Storage Solutions the number one software for small to medium self storage operators.

“We are extremely excited at the direction and growth of our company,” says Easy Storage Solutions founder and CEO, James Sorenson. “We have been working tirelessly for a few years now at becoming the best solution for independent operators.”

Just like the better self storage facilities, the difference according to Sorenson is in the personal attention given to clients.

“We just help out where we can,” he says. “There is almost nothing we won’t do to help our clients be successful…”

Like any product, Easy Storage Solutions is not the only self storage software available. Many companies do opt to go with something else, and have their own reasons for doing so. For example, U-Lock-It—a self storage company in the UK—uses Self Storage Manager.

“We decided on implementing Self Storage Manager as it was a great fit for our business due to its advanced features, ease of use,24×7 customer support and compliance with UK statutory requirements. We have been using Self Storage Manager since 2008 and found that the software is very user friendly and helpful in drastically reducing the waiting time for our customers when they move in….” said Bill Shipsides, Director of U-Lock-It.

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