How Do the Seattle Seahawks Save On Storage Space?

Posted on Aug 27 2010 - 1:02pm by John Stevens

A few weeks ago, the Seattle Seahawks invited news reporters from ESPN into their summer training facility — to view their new storage system. The Seahawks, like many businesses that are trying to save on storage space, have found a unique technological solution to their problem — they are using storage shelving and racks on mechanized wheel bases. Wheeled storage racks mean that items can be stored back to back, and wheeled out when something needs to be taken out or added to storage. As a result, it is not necessary to budget as much space for aisles between the racks.

The concept of aisle-free storage space has long been used by libraries to store archival books and other materials that are not made accessible to most library patrons. Businesses are starting to take the concept and apply it to many other types of storage. Although the Seahawks are using the moving wall racks to hold athletic equipment, some businesses are using sliding bases to slide their existing filing cabinets back and forth, so that cabinets can be stored next to each other. The same concept can be used to hold shelves. Some storage systems use shelves that are placed on top of a “lazy Susan” rotating base. Others use shelves or cabinets that pull out from a stationary rack.

The moving storage rack system used by the Seattle Seahawks is actually a moving wall called the Spacesaver. The wall contains shelves that are pressed together when they are not in use, but can open up whenever necessary to make it possible to access the gear that is stored there. When opened, the moving wall reveals cubby after cubby full of sports clothing and equipment. One special cubby was labeled “hats for giveaway,” so Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck handed ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen a hat.

“That actually looks really good on you,” Hasselbeck commented.

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