Hongkong Storage Builds Mobile Website

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 6:27pm by Holly Robinson

Self storage in the United States is a big business. It brings in over $24 billion a year.  It consistently outperforms the S&P 500. There are over 50,000 facilities in just the United States. It’s a growing business in the UK and Europe. However, in Asia, it is in its infancy. While it is almost non-existent in China and India, the self storage industry is more established in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. One company, Hongkong Storage, is taking the self storage industry in Hong Kong to the next level.

Hongkong Storage launched two mobile websites for its self self storage business. Established in 1997, Hongkong Storage is a pioneer in the self storage industry in Hong Kong. The ‘household storage service’ was unheard of until Hongkong Storage opened their doors.

In the past, commercial businesses used storage facilities. Now, the general public is accepting of the concept of personal storage and using it more and more. That increased use has some interesting statistics.

Statistics show that almost one-third of the people accessing the Hongkong Storage website access it through their mobile device. Not wanting to lose potential customers, they have created two new websites that are more user friendly to mobile users.

The design is sleeker, faster, and easier to use. The mobile website uses the HTML 5. It has a responsive design which means that the website responds to whatever is accessing the site whether a desktop computer, a smaller-screened laptop, a tablet, or a cellphone. Regardless of the machine, the website is flexible and resizes itself to fit any screen. The pictures and the text adjusts automatically and provides the user with the best possible experience for the device he is using.

Because the number of mobile device users is significant, the company has changed the navigation. It has been designed to be responsive to touch. Users do not need a mouse or keyboard to navigate the site. This is critical for mobile device users.

Hongkong Storage has over 2 million cubic feet of storage space in their portfolio. Their facilities cover all of the major areas in Hong Kong. In addition to offering space for storage of personal items, the company also offers corporate document storage to commercial clients.

Those interested in seeing their new site can go to http://www.hongkongstorage.com.

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