Hold Creative Facebook Contests to Promote Your Self Storage Business

Posted on Sep 13 2013 - 12:43pm by Holly Robinson

Social media is where it’s at. It’s where people hang out, socialize, and connect with others. So, social media contests – especially on Facebook – is a simple way to show up where your self storage customers and prospective customers are. It’s a way to engage with them — and a place to hold contests to promote your self storage business.

There have been some clever Facebook contests lately like the selfie photo contest that SpareFoot is hosting from now through October 20. Or the video jingle contest that SmartStop Self Storage did. Or The Great American Road Trip that Door to Door Storage sponsored.

Sit down with some of your employees and brainstorm ideas for contests that you can have. If you have a hard time sparking any ideas, here is a list to jumpstart your thinking.

Hold a ‘My Messy Bedroom’ contest. People snap photos of their bedroom and a prize is give to the picture of the messiest one.

Sponsor a ‘Catchy Slogan” contest. This is where people come up with a new and clever slogan for your self storage business.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, consider having a Halloween costume contest. People share pictures on your Facebook page of themselves wearing a wild or wacky Halloween costume. Prizes could include a coupon to a local hair salon.

If you want to have a contest around Thanksgiving time, have people submit pictures of something that they are grateful for and explain why they are grateful for it.

For St. Patrick’s Day, host a Limerick Party. Have people submit their wittiest, funny, clever limerick about self storage.

Sponsor an Easter egg coloring contest. Self storage customers and prospective customers decorate Easter eggs and upload their picture to your Facebook page. Award prizes for categories such as the prettiest, the most creative, the most unusual.

Hold a “Celebrate  (insert name of your city)” contest. People take a picture of someplace around the city.

Have a Shaggy Dog contest. Participants post a picture of themselves and their shaggy dog. First place winners could receive a gift certificate to a pet groomer (for the dog) and one to a hair stylist (for the pet owner).

Do a ‘Where’s Waldo’ contest. People dress up like Waldo and submit their picture. The one that looks most like Waldo wins a prize.

And speaking about prizes, I know that typical ones include free rent on a self storage unit or a lock. See if you can be a little more creative with your prizes. Think outside of the box. High-end prizes could include something like an iPad, an instamatic digital camera, or a GPS. Smaller prizes could include a gift certificate to a local ritzy restaurant, or tickets to a local water park.