Groundwork for Potential Growth in Asian Self Storage Industry Being Laid

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 11:08pm by Holly Robinson

If you have ever tried to build a house out of playing cards than you know how long it can take to make a tall one. You can try to shoot right up and make it tall and thin like a tower, but chances are it will fall over before you get too high because the base is not strong enough. However, if you take the time to build up the base the chance of building a lasting structure is much greater.

The same concept can be applied to a business or industry like the self storage industry. In the United States it is already pretty well established. The market has been created and the general public is well aware of the product and its benefits. In other countries—and continents–that is not the case.

Many Asian countries are starting to understand the value that self storage can have and are beginning to really embrace the industry. Demand has been compared to what it was when the industry began to take off in the United States. 

“Amid Asia’s ever-increasing property prices and unstoppable consumerism, more and more of Asia’s 4 billion inhabitants move towards the middle-income class,” show organizers said via “With it comes a transition to modern living, and self-storage is a proven and necessary part of this modernization.”

Of course for the demand to be met the industry is going to have to build new facilities or convert existing structures when they can. To expedite this process it helps if companies can get the parts they need—or at least some of them—locally.

Steel Storage Asia is trying to do that just that. The company makes panel systems and doors for the self storage industry, and recently opened a new factory in Malaysia.

“We are making a series of significant investments around the world in infrastructure to ensure Steel Storage is able to maintain its market leadership position as the leading value creator in the industry,” said Colin Jeromson, CEO, Steel Storage Holding Pty.

Building facilities is just part of the process to developing the industry. They have to be operated and managed properly. Site Link, the maker of self storage management software, has established enough of a position that the company sponsored the first Self Storage Asia last year and will be doing so again this year (in March).

“The 2014 Self-Storage Expo Asia is the ideal event for potential investors and current operators,” said Dogger. “Delegates network with peers, lenders and builders who are active in Southeast Asia’s self-storage market. Along with other senior staff, I will meet with potential SiteLink customers and give demonstrations of SiteLink’s Web Edition.”

The ground work for serious growth may still be a ways off, but with easy access important pieces needed in construction and the right kind f software things are moving in the right direction.

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