Green is Good in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Sep 30 2013 - 9:58pm by Winnie Hsiu

Anyone in any business—self storage or otherwise—that does not like the color green is lying. Every business wants to do one thing—make money. Even if you are a non-for-profit you still want to generate revenue to benefit your cause. When it comes to the color green, businesses like it for more than monetary reasons.

Green often refers to environmentally friendly initiatives; something that many self storage facilities have been embracing in recent years.  The ‘green’ effort that Gotham Mini Storage has undertaken of late is especially impressive.

The facility is using something called co-generation or CHP. Essentially what it does is capture the excess heat that is already produced when electricity is generated and turn it into energy that can be used to cool and heat the facility.

“Not only does this system dramatically reduce the amount of greenhouse producing gas emitted into the environment relative to conventional methods such as purchasing electricity from local utilities or burning oil to fire traditional boilers…” said Stephen Schwartz (one of the owners) “…but it also provides for complete self-sufficiency as all electricity is produced on site.” 

Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it allows the facility to be self-sufficient as well. Should a natural disaster disrupt the power companies they will be able to maintain their security and climate control units (Gotham already generates power on site via advanced natural gas fed mini turbines.

“While other storage facilities in the northeast went weeks without power, heating, ventilation or air conditioning during hurricane Sandy, Gotham Mini Storage’s systems continued as if the hurricane never happened,” said Jack Guttman, another owner of Gotham Mini Storage.

Gotham’s ‘green’ efforts are pretty intensive, but they are just one facility of many that engage in ‘green’ practices. For example, Greenbox Self Storage in Denver, Colorado, uses solar panels to generate its energy. In a year it generates an estimated 76,394 kilowatt hours and keeps over 180,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the air.

“We are also focused on supporting the community, which is why Greenbox was designed to be as sustainable as possible,” said Bahman Shafa, a real estate developer who founded Focus Property Group (which owns Greenbox). “We have 234 solar panels, energy efficient insulation, and even used recycled materials during the building process.”

Helping the environment by going green is a great thing, but in the end it still comes down to facilities making their own ‘green.’ While it does cost money to implement many environmentally safe endeavors there are often subsidies available at the local, city, state, and/or national level to alleviate expenses.

Then there is the publicity that a facility gets when it goes public with its green efforts. Many people like to frequent businesses that work to help the environment; not hurt it.

After all, there is nothing that says you can’t make a little green by going green!

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