Gotham Mini Storage Sponsors Innovative Contest

Posted on Mar 6 2013 - 6:10pm by John Stevens

Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan is at it again. They are sponsoring a clever, innovative contest that will be exceedingly appealing to those who live in New York — and especially Manhattan.

They launched “NYC’s Most Cramped Space Contest.” New Yorkers are invited to post pictures of their most cramped living spaces on the Gotham Mini Storage Facebook Page. ( The pictures could be of rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, closets, or living rooms.

Pictures are to be posted before March 10, 2013. Contest judges are high-profile celebrities. Rebecca Cole, an award winning and world-renowned garden and interior designer is one judge. She hosts Discovery Channel’s Surprise by Design.

The other judge is Leslie Modell. Modell is a famed NYC broker and real estate thought leader. She is also managing director at the exclusive brokerage firm Warburg Realty. She is regularly featured on HGTV’s Selling New York.

Top prize for the contest is a year of storage at Gotham Mini Storage and room makeover tips.

Many team members at Gotham Mini Storage live in Manhattan. They deal on a daily basis with cramped living quarters and know what cramped spaces are like because they live it. One member recounted how he kept his old winter coats and files in his oven. (He never used his oven because he always ate out.)

Small living spaces have many names: pint-sized homes, tiny flats, wee shelters.  Filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen created an ongoing series of short videos that show teeny-tiny homes around the world.

In Manhattan, a young architect downsized to a 78 square-foot apartment. While sitting on his couch that is against one wall in his apartment, he can prop his feet up on the opposite wall.  He calls it his “midtown Mansion” and it makes many other apartments look absolutely palatial in comparison. He chooses that apartment over bigger ones so he can live ‘in the thick of it’ without his entire paycheck going to pay rent.

Gotham Mini Storage is conveniently located to residents of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Midtown, and Upper West Side neighborhoods. It is a seven-story building with world-class surveillance and monitoring. It has many inviting features: heated drive-in indoor loading area; music playing throughout the facility; wireless Internet.; climate controlled aisles. There are 2,000 units with sizes ranging from a 4’x4’ locker up to an 80’x20’ unit. All units are customizable with shelves, lights, and clothing racks.

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