Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan Appeals to NYC Startups

Posted on May 31 2013 - 2:29pm by Winnie Hsiu

When you think of storage units, you think of people storing extra furniture, clothing, knick-knacks and do-dads, old comic books, and sports equipment. Gotham Mini Storage goes beyond that and is a very viable option for startup companies in New York City.

Gotham Mini Storage’s Office Manager, Adam Goldstein says, “When you use Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan to store your business inventory it’s like having your own portable warehouse that can grow as your business and office storage needs grow. We’ve got lots of small businesses using our facility to store stock, promotional materials, product samples and business inventory. For small to medium businesses that don’t need and can’t afford a huge warehouse, Gotham Mini Storage is a great option. You don’t have the heavy cost associated with warehouse space and no long-term commitment and still you have all the amenities, like security, climate controlled conditions, and 24/7 accessibility.”

Manhattan-based businesses and industries that are well matched for using self storage include:

  • Ecommerce sellers who need a place (not in their home office) to store and manage their inventory
  • Pharmaceutical reps that need to have 24/7 access to their supplies and have a climate controlled space to store their drug samples
  • Carpenters and landscapers who need a place to store bulky tools and supplies such saws, mixers, snow blowers, and lawn mowers
  • Professional home stagers who need to store home furniture and decorative accessories
  • Restaurants who need to store seasonal items such as outdoor dining furniture, tablecloths, napkins, dish and glassware, and signage
  • Show operators who need space to store equipment during the off season
  • Retail stores with ‘busy or hot’ periods that require lots of additional inventory (for times such as Black Friday, back-to-school, and seasonal sales)
  • Entrepreneurs and startup businesses that need a small office space in addition to storage space for their business inventory

Co-owner of Gotham Mini Storage, Steve Schwartz, explains, “While you certainly have the option of renting additional office space the bottom line is it’s far more cost effective to rent mini storage space rather than office space, especially when you factor in the extra expense for heating and electric. In many cases, our customers are even able to eliminate the need of having an office space and that frees up the cash that they can invest in to building their business.”

Gotham Mini Storage is located at the corner of 10th Avenue and 39th Street in Manhattan, New York City. They have 2,000 brand new units ranging in size from a 4’X4′ locker up to 80/20/ extra-large units.

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