Getting Noticed Means Success in Self Storage

Posted on Jun 29 2011 - 5:17pm by Tony Gonzalez

There is one thing that every person with a job always tells every person trying to find one—you have to figure out some way to make your resume stick out from the 500 other ones that the hiring manager will be getting. At best, you may only have 50 other resumes to contend with, but how much time do you think the hiring manager spends on each one? That’s why your resume has to stand out.

That advice is not only true when you are looking for a job, but if you’re a self storage facility owner looking to make your place more successful than the next guy. After all, self storage facilities are all basically the same thing. Just like a resume, if it does not stand out in some way or fashion then it will likely get passed over for the next facility.

There are many ways in which self storage companies tend to go about trying to get noticed. Offering discounts is one option, but since everyone does it does not really make you stand out. Standing out requires something unique; something that will make people go “Wow!”

One example is an event that Access Self Storage in Wayne, NJ, hosted on June 26, the 20th annual Tri-County Cruisers Car Show. Some of the finest classic cars that still exist found their way to Access Self Storage for the viewing pleasure of car aficionados. Food and beverages kept appetites and thirst at bay, music from the 50’s kept people entertained, and door prizes kept them wanting to stay.

When people left at the end of the day and told their friends about the experience that night or the next day they talked about the cool car show they saw at the self storage facility. To further endear themselves to the community, all proceeds collected were used to benefit Volunteer Fire Company 4.

The great thing about an event like the aforementioned is that it likely was a lot of fun and only cost the owners the price of the food and beverages (and even that could have been donated).

Other self storage facilities take different tactics to being different and getting noticed. A-1 Self Storage in California has taken a way that may cost more, but requires very little in man power/hours (and it’s a tax deduction). They get involved with just about every charity under the sun by donating a sum of money to help the cause in question. If there is one thing that will make people take notice, it’s someone taking responsibility inside the community.

With the advent of the electronic age and social media spreading the news on your self storage facilities good deeds can be made fairly easy.

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