Get Started Using Google+

Posted on May 2 2014 - 4:32pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Earlier today I read an interesting statistic.  It stated that Google+ is now the second-largest social media site in the world. Over 235 million people actively use it per month. That’s amazing.

I also read that it’s rather hard to describe. That is because what you “see” is heavily influenced by your expectations and experiences. Have you seen the ink blot that could be viewed either as a young woman (dressed in the 1800s styled clothing) or an old hag with a wart on her nose? If you mainly use Facebook as your social media, that is what you will “see” in Google+.

Google describes Google+ as a “social layer’ across the services that people love and use every day. So of course this includes Google’s search, mail, calendar, and YouTube. But there is more. Google+ brings people together within the context of Google’s services.

You can join communities of people with like interests – writing, music, athletes, entertainers, and of course self storage. You can see what these people are saying and doing. And, you can join in the conversation, add your insights, thoughts, share pictures, and create your own specific content.

It’s kind of like the junk drawer that you might have in your kitchen. That drawer might hold a pair of pliers, nails, tape, pushpins, old calendars, and spare batteries.

You might have a junk draw in a desk in your family room. That drawer might have pens, pencils, rulers, your kids’ school calendars, an address book, business cards, and pieces of a puzzle. Different drawers in different rooms hold different things.  Different circles in Google+ can bring together groups of people with different interests or talents.

So what does this mean for you as a self storage owner? First, you should assign someone to create their personal Google+ account. Then, they should spend time poking around and using it so they can become familiar with how it works. They need to take time to understand the platform and how it works.

When that person understands a little bit about Google+, your Google+ expert should carefully create a hovercard. This is like a mini business card. Anytime someone hovers their computer mouse over your profile picture, your hovercard automatically appear.

There are various fields for you to fill out: the cover photo, a profile image, and a tagline. Then, that person can add your “story” which could include things like the URL to your website, your facility’s address, and other information that you think is pertinent.

That should be enough for right now for your entrance into the Google+ world!

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