Georgia Couple Goes Home with a Real Treasure from Self Storage Auction

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 8:50pm by John Stevens

Consider this your warning; you may want to grab a tissue, handkerchief, or something before your read this story. It’s a heartwarming one that speaks well for the people that you can meet in and around the self storage industry, but it will make you tear up still all the same.

The general public here’s about the monetary treasures and oddities that turn up in self storage units all the time. People are so interested in finding the needle in a haystack that reality television shows have been created to highlight the journey of specific auction goers. 

What the general public doesn’t often here about is the tremendous heart that many of the people in and around the self storage industry have. It is common for many self storage facilities to be involved in some kind of charity effort almost all the time. There is one that even pays its people for one shift to go donate time to the charity of their choice.

Of course none of it would be possible if not for the people. A great example of love, caring, heart, and human kindness was recently shared by, a website geared towards helping people find self storage auctions and understanding the rules involved as well as help self storage facilities advertise their auctions (the site didn’t include the last name of the person(s) involved in order to protect their privacy).

Around a year ago a gentleman who we’ll call Tim attended an auction at a local self storage facility in his home state of Georgia. He was a regular at these auctions and has been able to make a good living for himself and his family through them. 

After one auction where he purchased four units he and his wife were preparing to depart when they took notice of a woman and two rather haggard looking children standing off to the side. It was obvious they were not doing too good. As they got ready to leave Tim saw the woman and her two kids step into an open unit and close the door.

It’s pretty obvious what was going on. The woman and her two children were living in the unit, something that is not allowed, but people with little choice don’t shy away from doing it till they get caught. 

After talking it over with his wife, Tim knocked on the door to see what he could do for the woman and her children. He offered to take them to WalMart so he could buy what they needed before finding them a place to stay. The woman surprised Tim by declining the offer and making a request that had to be absolutely gut-wrenching for her to make.

 She asked him to take her children. It was obvious that she was not up to the task of caring for them.

Agreeing to such a request would be difficult for anyone let alone a couple who had already three teenagers. Rather than live them in dire straits that was exactly what Tim and his wife decided to do. It took a year of working with an attorney and the local country Family and Child Services department, but they adopted the kids.

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