Garage Club at Granite Bay Intending to Sell Garage Condos

Posted on Oct 28 2011 - 3:38pm by John Stevens

Granite Bay, part of the greater Sacramento-Roseville California area, may be getting a new twist on self storage units. The Garage Club at Granit Bay would like to sell garage condos where owners could store boats, cars, RVs, or large household items.

Because the Garage Club is less than 2 miles away from Folsom Lake, it is an ideal place for a storage facility where people can store their boats, Jet Skis, water skis, and other water sports equipment. Because the facility is also close to nearby trails, it would be a handy place for mountain bikers to store their bikes.

Owners who purchase garage condos could also use their unit as a hobby workshop.  However, they would not be allowed to live in the facilities. There would also be a two-story clubhouse with restrooms, meeting rooms and kitchen space, a lounge area, and a self-service vehicle wash area.

The garage condominium would have 74,900 square feet on over 8 acres of land. There would be a two-story office with a sales and rental area along with a manager’s residence. A 20-foot wall would surround the property.

Some local residents are concerned about the construction of the facility. Previous Municipal Advisory Council notes have indicated that all of the trees – around 400 – will be removed from the site. People are concerned that the destruction of the trees and the habitat will affect the animals living there causing them to relocate into an adjacent neighborhood.

The Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council will hold a meeting on Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Citizens wishing to express their opinion may contact the Advisory Council and ask to be put on the agenda. Others wishing to hear the views concerning the Garage Club are also encouraged to attend.

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