Flexistore Mobile Self Storage in the UK is Getting Social

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 6:01pm by Holly Robinson

You’ve probably heard the expression “What goes around comes around.” That generally refers to how you treat people. If you are kind and nice, that treatment will come back around to you and you’ll be treated kindly. If you’re mean to others, that meanness will come back someway and somehow into your life.
In a way, that saying could be applied to technology. What goes around – and becomes common and standard in one area – will spread around the globe and become standard and common in other places around the world.
The Self Storage Industry News has quite often reported about technology – especially social media.  Social media in the self storage industry is becoming a big issue in the United States. And, what happens with social media in the United States soon travels around the world and is picked up and used in other countries.
And social media is gaining momentum in the UK — especially with Flexistore.

Flexistore was the first mobile self storage operator in Europe. It was a pioneer in that area in the self storage industry. Now, it is becoming a pioneer as a self storage company in the UK that is using social media.
A Flexistore spokesperson said: “We established Flexistore back in 2002 to provide our customers with an easy and convenient mobile storage solution.
“Back then we used a variety of traditional advertising and communication methods to get the word out. Now we find that in order to maintain and develop our high levels of customer service, we need to communicate with them in real-time on social media channels.
“Not only that, but by sharing their self-storage experience with their online communities, we’re finding that our customers are increasingly becoming Flexistore advocates.”
As the use of social media increases in the UK, it will be important for more self storage businesses there to adopt its use.

The Pew Research Center released a study on social media. They found that 69% of the adults who used the Internet are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The majority of them used Facebook then followed by Linkedin and Twitter. Statistics like these are important to the self storage industry and should guide decisions about how a company uses social media.
Flexistore now has several warehouses across the UK. They offer mobile storage for individuals, families, students, and businesses. They also offer records management and a shipping service for businesses.
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