Feuding Self Storage Faciliteis Benefit the Community

Posted on Feb 25 2013 - 7:52pm by Winnie Hsiu

Everyone has heard about the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. The feud started when a group of ex-Confederate soldiers murdered a McCoy, who was a returning Union soldier. It was widely believed that a Hatfield was part of the group that killed the McCoy.

A few years later the dispute escalated when a Hadfield had a hog but a McCoy claimed it was his. The judge ruled in favor of the Hatafields based on Bill Staton’s testimony. Bill Staton was a relative of both families. Soon after the ruling, two McCoy brothers killed Staton.

The animosity grew. Over 25 years, a total of 12 people were killed because of the feud.

In Bainbridge, Washington, Janice Danielson, manager of Bainbridge Self Storage, is feuding with Curt Bonderant, manager of Reliable Storage. There won’t be any guns. There won’t be any shootings. There won’t be any fatalities. In fact, there will be just the opposite.

Bonderant and Danielson are fighting to see which self storage facility can ‘out-do’ the other facility in collecting the most items for a food drive.

Relations between the two facilities are friendly and respectful. So when the Bainbridge Self Storage started planning their annual food drive, they decided to make it fun and include the other facility. And of course Reliable Self Storage cheerfully accepted the challenge.

People can drop off food items at either facility’s location. Reliable Storage is at 9551 New Brooklyn Road. Bainbridge Self Storage is at 9300 Sportsman Club Road. Donations of non-perishable food will be accepted from now through Saturday March 9.

The food will be donated to the Helpline House. In 1968, local churchwomen gathered together and founded Fishline, which was a volunteer emergency aid program. In 1973, it incorporated and became Helpline House.

Over the years, Helpline House has added to their original services. Today, they have a food bank and a clothing bank. They offer crisis counseling for families. They loan out medical equipment and provide transportation assistance. They provide support services to families who have members with developmental disabilities, assist people in career development and searching for a job, and offer legal services. Their motto is “Neighbor helping neighbor – one neighbor at a time” and their actions definitely reflect that belief.

Danielson, manager of Bainbridge Self Storage, jokingly recommends that people drop off their food items to her facility. She said that there will be candy, dog bones, and kitty treats.

And, what will happen to the losing facility? Bonderant said that the loser will wash the winning manager’s car and one of their trucks. That’s a lot more friendly than getting a load of buckshot in your backside!

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