Fall is Great for Landscaping Your Self Storage Facilities

Posted on Oct 27 2011 - 1:37pm by Holly Robinson

Sometimes people are intimidated when it comes to landscaping around their self storage facility. They feel that they don’t know enough to plant the right shrubs or flowers. They might feel that they don’t have enough money to pay a professional to do their landscaping. So they end up with a business front that is not visually appealing. Armed with just a little bit of information, you can do your own landscaping and greatly improve the looks of your business. There are six shrubs that you can plant that are easy to grow, hardy, and are low maintenance.

One of the best shrubs that you can plant around your office entrance is the dwarf burning bush.  It grows up to six feet tall. It can grow in almost any type of soil. In the fall, the leaves turn flaming red and are very attractive. It can take full sun or partial shade.

Another tried and true shrub is a lilac bush. These shrubs can grow from eight to ten feet tall so be sure that you plant them where they have enough space. The most common color of the lilac flower is purple. However, it also comes in white,  blue, and red blooms. Lilacs have a nice scent so be sure to plant them where people can enjoy the color and the fragrance.

If you need a shrub for a smaller space, the Anthony waterer spirea is a good choice. It grows up to four feet tall and has dark pink blossoms. Bridal wreath spirea has cascading mounds of branches with white blossoms. However, these tend to grow up to 8 feet tall.

If you want color at the first hint of spring, be sure to plant a forsythia bush.  It has vibrant lemon yellow blooms in the early spring.  It is a fast growing plant and can be grown in almost any type of soil. If it grows taller than desired, simply trim it with a hedge trimmer to the desired height.

The mock orange shrub is another sweet smelling shrub. It grows eight feet tall. It is very hardy and requires very little attention. It has white blossoms in early summer.

There aren’t too many shrubs that bloom from mid-summer into the fall. However, the Rose of Sharon shrub is one that provides color when other shrubs have finished blooming. It has either white, pink, or purple blooms. It grows eight feet tall and is a good standard shrub to have in your landscaping.

Once you have planted your shrubs, place bark or decorative rocks at the base of the shrubs. This will help keep weeds down and you will have a low maintenance landscaping area around your facility.