EZ Storage Seeks for Rezoning in Royal Oak, Michigan

Posted on May 24 2013 - 2:53pm by Winnie Hsiu

EZ Storage wants to build a new facility in Royal Oak, Michigan. Only there’s one slight problem.  The piece of property that they are looking at isn’t zoned to allow a self storage facility there. So, the owners of EZ Storage went to the city’s planning commission and asked for it to be changed to conditional zoning.

Conditional zoning means that EZ Storage would have to build exactly what the city approves. It also means that the property would stay a storage business or revert back to a mixed-use zone if the ownership changed hands.

Right now, a closed Burger King that has been vacant for several years and an office are now on the property. The closest neighbors support the idea of having EZ Storage as a neighbor. They claimed that Burger King was a bad neighbor when it was open and even worse since it shut down.  (Horrible graffiti covers the abandoned business.)

When the developers went to the planning commission earlier this month, the city requested that they make some revisions to their plans. EZ Storage agreed and is now working on those changes. There will be windows to the three sides of the building that face the road. They are moving the drive-through to the far west end of the building so that traffic is directed away from the neighborhood. The building will be set back 10 feet further from road. They will maintain the green space they have on the property and will plant large trees.

EZ Storage is different from the majority of self storage businesses. They have a drive-through building. Inside the 111,733 square foot building will be a two lane road – one lane for traffic and one lane for parking, loading, and unloading.

The building will be three-stories high, with a basement and three upper levels. There will be two elevators, an office, and an apartment for a live-in manager. The building will act as a noise and visual butter to nearby commercial areas.

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, EZ Storage is the largest self storage company in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. They started out in 1987 with a facility that had only 700 storage units. Today, they have over 41,000 – with more on the way. They carefully select their locations for customer convenience and are very focused on cleanliness and security of their facilities.

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