Even in Self Storage There is An App for That

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 9:21am by Winnie Hsiu

Some products are all about evolution. Take computers as an example. Every few months there is a new and improved version coming out, and within a couple years that version will be obsolete thanks to further advances. Than you have products like self storage space that stay essentially the same—until now.

Self storage companies are fully aware that their product is what it is. There are only so many ways you can package space, but many companies have figured out how to make use of modern technology and all the advances that come with it to improve the ‘package.’

When it comes to self storage facilities one of the primary selling points that many try to capitalize on is convenience. Is the facility easy to locate? Can people access their unit with ease? Is it easy to pay your bill? 

Modern technology has been able to assist self storage facilities in those efforts quite a bit. It is unusual for a self storage facility not to have a presence on the internet either with its own website or a Facebook page. Many belong to one or more self storage aggregators; separate sites that help users find self storage facilities, learn about them, and even reserve a unit.

One company has even developed an application (app) for smart phones. However, while most that do have one use theirs to help customers find and reserve units, this company has a different approach.

Storrage, a personal self storage company in Seattle, has developed an app so that customers can schedule a pick up or delivery for storage. Rather than have to take the time out of their day to drive to a self storage facility to store or pick something up through the app users can schedule a service and never have to leave the comfort of home.

“With more and more of our neighbors dealing with limited space, we are excited to be able to help them with our expanded service area and Sunday service,” said Terry Drayton, founder and CEO of Storrage. “Our customers say that they want to use their living space for living, not for storing infrequently used or seasonal items. With the living space customers have gotten back with Storrage, they are able to entertain more often, let a friend move in, do yoga in their apartment, or set up world headquarters for their new start-up.” 

Now if only modern technology can come up with a transporter beam that will beam things in and out of your storage unit….

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