EasyStorageSearch.com Improves Ease of Use and Ramps Up Service

Posted on Mar 25 2011 - 11:22am by John Stevens

When consumers look for self storage options, most hop on the Internet to conduct a quick search. Making that search easy, quick and thorough is what database websites strive to achieve. Making improvements to the search engine capability is ongoing. EasyStorageSearch.com recently revamped its website to better provide up-to-date pricing and rental information.

The website brings together the best and most up-to-date data on self storage facilities in all 50 states and Canada, classifying and describing each, city by city. It allows users to search by geographic area, price, storage needs and size, and provides capability of comparing prices and reserving rental units online. The website was revamped through a partnership with Sparefoot.com.

The website was originally created by company president and website developer, Jason Kay, with the purpose of offering consumers an easy-to-search platform that provided quality descriptions and other modifiers to find self storage facilities based upon specific needs. The website recently underwent a major overhaul and has become even easier to use and navigate. Additionally, Kay and EasyStorageSearch.com created a partnership with the team at Sparefoot.com to provide additional strategy for self storage facility data and details to website visitors.

“It was important for me to re-launch the website so it encompassed more information than ever before, this is what made the partnership with Sparefoot.com so attractive,” commented Kay. “Sparefoot.com has an extensive database that allows users to access pricing information directly through the EasyStorageSearch.com website and saves time from having to request a quote from individual facilities along with other perks.”

The re-launch of EasyStorageSearch.com will also give greater capability to users and allow a consumer to reserve a storage facility instantly through the site. Additionally, greater search capability will be present, allowing website users to search for special needs such as extended space related to boat, RV and car storage, as well as portable-storage facilities and traditional self-storage access.

“I’m very excited to launch the new EasyStorageSearch.com. It’s going to help consumers searching for self-storage facilities cut down on the time it takes to find a facility that has vacancy while meeting their needs and budget. I’m confident the new website will significantly reduce the hassle that can sometimes come when searching for self storage facilities,” Kay said.

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