Easier is Better for the Self Storage Industry

Posted on May 29 2013 - 10:39pm by Tony Gonzalez

There are many who believe that nothing that comes easy is worth having. To an extent that statement is true. You can’t do that when you are starting and/or running a business—like a self storage facility. Doing that is hard work. However, when it comes to looking for a self storage facility and being a customer easier is better.

Ferris Bueller hit the nail on the head back in the mid-1980s when he said that life moves fast. Three decades later life moves at light speed compared to what it did back then. When people are in need of things like a self storage facility the last thing they want to do is spend a ton of time having to look for one.

To keep that from being an issue most self storage facilities now have a presence on the internet, be it with a website or through one of many popular social media mediums.  

“We’ve built our online communities by posting and sharing content that we feel would most interest our online followers, “ said Miller Durnham, marketing director for Amazing Spaces in Texas.

To make searching for facilities online even easier many have joined forces with self storage aggregators—a virtual yellow pages. Even those are working hard to make sure people are aware of what they can do. USSelfStorageLocator.com has been spreading the word online about how easy it is to use the site and find a self storage facility wherever is needed.  

Of course the need and desire for easy access or ease of use does not stop when a potential customer turns into a tenant. If it becomes too difficult to conduct the most basic of operations—like paying your bill—tenants become disgruntled and possibly even ex-tenants.

That is why Storage Post Self Storage has now made it possible for people to pay their bill online from any mobile device.

“More and more of our customers are becoming smartphone savvy and turning to mobile devices to manage their accounts. Adding a functional mobile bill pay system, supplied by Automatit, Inc., keeps us up-to-date with the latest technology and provides the best account management features for our customers,” said Chief Technology Officer Jackson Wilson . “We’ve already seen a rise in online payments, and we anticipate participation increases in the coming weeks.”

So while it should be hard work to start and maintain a business there should be nothing difficult about being a tenant.

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