Does Your Self Storage Facility Have a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Posted on Mar 5 2014 - 11:07pm by John Stevens

Many businesses grow and evolve over time by leaps and bounds. Take the automobile industry for example. Henry Ford might have dreamed about cars like we have today, but probably considered them more science fiction than remotely possible. At the same time there are some industries that have not undergone such drastic changes—like the self storage industry. However, how people find self storage facilities has.

It’s not that the self storage industry hasn’t evolved. People can now rent climate controlled units and other ones that are geared towards a special purpose, but the product is basically still the same—space. However, while people use to find them via the Yellow Pages, word of mouth, or because they happen to see one in the neighborhood they now go to their mobile devices to surf the World Wide Web.

While having a presence on the web is important it helps to have a mobile-friendly site as well. According to research there are now more mobile devices than people on the planet. When it comes to using the internet 63 percent of adults use their phones to get online and 42 percent of them have some kind of tablet computer. Overall close to 40 percent of time on the web is done via a mobile device.

That is why Secure Self Storage launched a mobile site last June.

Secure Self Storage, run by industry veteran Steve Schwartz says, “Future of search is on mobile and we weren’t happy with our mobile presence. We wanted to redesign our mobile site to give it app-like feel and at the same time make it easier for our customers to contact us. With our extensive efforts on web marketing we are already seeing 40% growth in new business compare to the last year.

So is your self storage facility’s website mobile-friendly? If not, they can go to G5, a leader in digital experience management software and services for the self storage industry. The company recently announced its intent to become the industry leader in regards to customer experience via digital devices.

“This initiative is another example of our commitment to our Self Storage clients,” said Dan Hobin, co-founder and CEO of G5. “We’re enabling them to provide the very best digital experience for their customers, regardless of device and regardless of customer lifecycle stage. Prospects and tenants expect the delivery of exactly the information that they want, when they want it and on whatever device they’re using in the moment.”

While the mantra may still be where there is a will there is a way, but if your want to find it faster you better have a mobile-friendly site!

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