Directors Need Not Apply (But Can) For Self Storage YouTube Videos

Posted on Mar 6 2014 - 11:08pm by John Stevens

Social media has become a juggernaut. Whether you’re talking about the millions upon millions of users on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the many other forms to the billions of dollars some of these entities are now worth the influence that some social media outlets have is impressive to say the least. If used right—like how many members of the self storage do—they can be a boon for business as well.

When people think of social media outlets they think of things like Facebook and Twitter first due to the user interaction that is prompted by both. They may not thing of YouTube as one right off the bat, but it qualifies as one as well. Yes, we get to watch clips from Sportscenter on it, but it also gives anyone the chance to load whatever videos they want for people to watch and comment on.

YouTube, like Facebook and Twitter, can be used for marketing a self storage facility as much if not more so. It gives the facility a chance to showcase itself in whatever way they want. All they have to do is record and load it up to their own channel.

It doesn’t require acting talent, professional equipment, or even direction which is what makes it great. All you need is an idea which many within the industry do have. If people like it well enough your video can go viral and before you know it the name of your facility has gone viral.

Take the game show spoof by A-1 Self Storage called Show Me Your Unit. In the video the contestants have to guess how many of a certain thing can be stored in a self storage unit. Of course many of the things are a little on the silly side (i.e. a camel).

The point in the videos is to give people a reason to remember the name of the self storage facility. Silliness is pretty common route like with the game show video. Some film things that are just like a commercial like the one Access Self Storage has about a guy and his pink elephant costume. Others will make you go, “WTF?” like Access Self Storage’s contortionist inspired one.

For every video that is funny there are just as many if not more that is more informative in nature. Plenty can be fund about investing in the industry, purchasing, and day to day operations.

So it isn’t all about fun and games, but it is all about putting the self storage facility first in as many minds as possible.

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