Did You Hear About That Great New Self Storage Facility?

Posted on Feb 7 2012 - 2:29pm by Holly Robinson

A likely common nightmare for people opening new self storage facilities goes something like this: It’s the morning of your big grand opening; you’ve spent thousands on upgrading this old building and turning it into a state-of-the-art self storage facility. You’ve gone out-of-the-way to make sure the place looked immaculate. As luck would have it the one thing you feared could happen, does just that.

No one shows up.

Self storage facilities are anything but rare in the United States. With close to 50,000 spread across the country people don’t have to go far to find one. However, that can be a problem to. The more people get accustomed to seeing something, the more likely they are just to tune it out.

For a self storage company to stand out and be seen (and then patronized) they have to figure out how to become noticed. Commercials are always a possibility, but since most self storage facilities are not a part of a larger corporation commercials are typically not in the budget. A problem with commercials is that there is no telling who or how many people will even see or hear them.

Becoming noticed does not require a large outlay of cash; it’s just a matter of spending it the right way.

What every self storage facility needs to have is a well-placed sign. It has to be good and high, and it must be something that people can read. Electronic signs are considered good if that’s within your budget since people are prone to looking at them.

“The trend in general with signage has been from a painted wooden sign to a backlit fluorescent, then to letter boards/reader boards where you have to manually change the letters, and then to the message center world with changeable copy,” said Jim Coppins, vice-president of I.C.E. Incorporated, a company that specializes in signage.

Signs can often be had for a relatively low-cost, and will be out in front of your establishment working at attracting customers all day, every day.

Another method that is becoming more common among self storage facilities is Twitter. Most people know it as a way to send quick, short messages to friends, but it is quickly becoming yet another method of online marketing that many companies do use. It can be confusing to get started with, but once you get accustomed to the lingo and how it works it can be a beneficial and free tool.

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