Create a Flyer to Give to Customers Who Are Selling Their Home

Posted on Dec 28 2011 - 10:17am by John Stevens

Self storage owners are always on the look-out for ways to provide service for their customers. One service that is easy to provide that takes little effort is to provide customers with flyers about moving and putting their belongings in storage. Use the following information in a flyer for your customers who are in the process of selling their home. If they follow the advice, their home will be more appealing to prospective buyers and will sell faster.

Put extra furniture in storage. Systematically go from room to room and evaluate the furniture. Keep items that are only absolutely necessary. Eliminate extra chairs, desks, end tables, toy chests, free standing bookshelves, benches, foot stools, lamps and other similar items. A neat, orderly and uncluttered home is very appealing to buyers.

Next, look at the each room’s ‘accessories.’ Do you have baskets on the floor that holds magazines? Knick knacks crowding all over your bookshelves? Extra lamps, bookshelves, or a large ceramic cat by the sofa? All of these can be put into storage. Follow this rule of thumb: less is more. The less you have in your house the more appealing it is to someone interested in buying your home.

What about DVDs, CDs, and books that are stacked on the floor? Keep only those that will fit in a closet or on a nearby shelf. Make sure everything is stacked tidily – especially the books. Box up everything that doesn’t fit on the shelves and put them into storage.

Are your children’s rooms overflowing with toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, train sets, Transformers and doll houses? Box up anything that does not fit in drawers and closets and put the rest into storage.  Since it will be hard for your children to give up their toys to storage, you can suggest that they rotate their toys every couple of weeks. Then, make sure the boxes holding their toys are clearly labeled before you put them into storage and then put the boxes toward the front of the unit for easy access.

Clean and de-junk out your garage. This is very important. Get rid of empty boxes, stacks of old newspapers and old rags that you use to clean your car. Put bicycles, lawnmowers, camping gear and seldom used tools in storage. Throw away old paint cans, paint brushes and used painting drop cloths. (And remember; do not put paint thinner in your storage unit!) Your garage will seem much larger if the only things in there are your vehicles. Prospective buyers are very interested in how big a garage is so anything that you can do to make it look bigger will help your house sell faster.