Contest Winner Plays at SpareFoot’s Party

Posted on Mar 11 2014 - 1:06pm by Holly Robinson

SpareFoot Self Storage Finder had a clever idea at the beginning of this year. They decided to hold a battle of the bands – sort of. The battle was not carried out in person. The battle was held on YouTube. For the bands to participate, the band had to practice in a self storage unit. (The parents of band members are probably grateful that the bands practice in a storage unit. Having the band practice there saves the parents’ hearing!)

SpareFoot announced the contest on January 16. There were several entry rules. First, the band had to practice in a storage unit in the Austin area. Then, they had to create and submit a video to YouTube of the band rocking out to one of their original songs. Then, after the video was uploaded, the band had to encourage friends, family members, and supporters to vote for their band.

The votes have been counted and the winner has been selected. The winner was Groove Think. As winner of the contest, they performed at the SpareFoot Party that was held last Friday on March 7.

The party was held at the Scoot Inn in Austin. Everyone knows that the folks at SpareFoot work hard. We also know that they party hard. Hundreds of people attended the party. Musical artists DJ JayCeeoh, Caleb Mak, Andrei Matei, and DJ Gatsby spun their musical magic for the group. Everyone had a good time.

Groove Think consists of musicians Frederick Jones, vocalist and lead guitarist, Michael Darling on the drums, and Corey Isaacks on the bass and vocals. Jones and Isaacks write most of the songs that the band plays.

March is a busy month for the band, In addition to playing at the SpareFoot party, Groove Think will play during South by Southwest-Touché on March 12 and at Shiner’s Saloon on March 13.

Established in 2010, Grove Think plays psychedelic rock with funk, jazz, and groove swirled in the mixture. Their music makes listeners want to jump up and dance! They have recorded 2 albums and currently have a 3rd one in the works.

SpareFoot has been in the news a lot in the past several months. Also, they have received several kudos. The Austin Business Journal named SpareFoot the Best Place to Work in the Austin area for 2013; the office furniture company Turnstone named SpareFoot one of the country’s Best Young Companies to Work For in 2013; and the Austin American-Statesman named SpareFoot the Top Workplace in the Austin area for 2013.

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