Conferences are Multipurpose in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:29pm by Winnie Hsiu

Whenever the word “conference” is used nowadays it is not in reference to annual gatherings of industry professionals, but in regards to phone calls and video chats. Yes, there are still plenty of annual conferences being held in many industries each year, but they are not the first thing people think of when it comes to conferences anymore.

However, when it comes to value there is as much if not more to be had at industry wide conferences as on the phone.

Modern technology has made it possible to do much that would be accomplished at an industry conference over some sort of electronic medium. Phone calls, video chats, correspondence classes, etc. have made it possible for individuals to keep up with the latest in industry developments without ever having to leave the comfort of your office.

So while the information is readily available there is something about industry conferences that can not be duplicated—personal interaction. It is a lot easier to ask a presenter or teacher a series of questions about a presentation than to have to email or submit them via chat. 

Than of course there are the endless networking opportunities. Whether it’s during a workshop, watching a presentation, having a drink at a social, playing golf, or just walking down the hall at the hotel the options are endless. Since it is widely known that it’s who you know and not what you know the personal interactions can be priceless—and impossible during a correspondence course.

The self storage industry is well aware of the value of industry conferences. Many of the state associations host one each year as does the national one. They are even becoming more common in other countries as well. The European Self Storage Association recently held its annual conference in London where it had record attendance.

There are a couple coming up during the first few months of the new year in the United States hosted by the national level association, the Self Storage Association. 

On January 14, the SSA will be hosting the Self Storage Economic Summit in conjunction with the New York Self Storage Association. Topics to be discussed that day include The Size, Scale, and Scope of the (non-REIT) Self Storage Industry, the Capital Markets, and a panel featuring Leading Self Storage CEOs.

The industry’s annual spring conference will be held in Atlanta from March 2-4. Special discounted registration is available for those that sign up by January 3.

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