Commerce and Diversity on Chicago’s 60th Street

Posted on Jun 30 2011 - 2:23pm by Tony Gonzalez

Nestled close to the banks of the Chicago River, the 60th Street Extra Space Storage facility offers an incredible variety of storage solutions. Operated by new Site Manager Sarah Meehan, this sprawling complex features 637 separate units.

“I’m really excited to have taken over this facility,” she says. “It’s got a little bit of every type of storage. We have two out buildings that have outdoor units, and we have indoor units that have climate control. Like I said, a little bit of everything.

“Plus,” she continues, “we’ve actually got three loading docks, which can take pretty much any type of truck you have. They’re huge. We’ve also got two parking lots and four gates on our property.”

This abundance of room allows the 60th Street Extra Space Storage facility to accommodate trucks, RV’s, boats, and other massive objects not suited for storage at a customer’s business or home.

Though the area itself doesn’t feature a great deal of local attractions, it does boast incredible convenience. Located just off of the Stevenson Expressway, Meehan’s Extra Space Storage facility is positioned next to one of Chicago’s major arteries. A few miles to the west, customers will also find the famous Midway International Airport. This proximity to a potential shipping hub should make them very appealing to entrepreneurs. As such, small businesses have begun to discover the convenience on 60th Street. Gas stations and small wholesalers are especially attracted to their amazing variety of affordable storage solutions.

And though there may not be a great deal for tourists to view around the facility itself, the nearby Chicago River offers a yearly tradition all its own. Each St. Patrick’s Day, the waters are dyed a verdant green, making it a truly unique sight to behold.

To get in touch with the folks at the 60th Street Extra Space Storage facility, contact them toll free at 1-888-Storage. Residents of the Chicagoland area can call their local number at 1-877-387-0667. To check them out on the internet, use this link.

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