College Students – A Good Self Storage Market to Tap Into

Posted on Apr 23 2012 - 7:44pm by Holly Robinson

How many colleges do you think there are in the metropolitan Chicago area?  Two? Ten? Maybe twenty or twenty five? Would you believe that there are over 80 community and junior colleges, universities, and graduate schools? That means there are a lot of students living in the area.

The end of the school year school year is drawing to a close and that means that many of these college students will be heading home, to internships, or places for summer work – and many of those students need a place to store their belongings for the summer.

This demographic is a ready-made customer base for self storage facilities. College students don’t want to haul their belongings home for just a few short summer months. Nor do they want to cart their possessions with them to a summer job or internship.

LifeStorage, a Chicago-based self storage business, understands this. They are currently offering college students a 15% discount on storage units. Students attending college in the Chicago area can save money by conveniently storing some of their possessions with LifeStorage.

For students who live in Chicago but attended an out-of-state college, using a storage unit will save space in their parents’ home. (Parents won’t have the hassle of trying to find space in their homes for all of their college-aged children’s possessions.)

There are several things that other self storage businesses can learn from LifeStorage’s example. If your business is in a university or college town, here are ideas of things you can do to attract college students as customers.

Offering a discount for the summer is a great incentive for college students to use your facility. College students always seem to be short on money and summer rates and discounts are very appealing to them.

You could also offer free boxes or discounts on boxes. You could even have a sale on bubble wrap, strapping tape, and locks for storage units.

You can offer free pick-up. The students box up their possessions and you pick up the boxes and put them in a unit for the students. This saves the students money and time. At the end of the summer, you could offer free delivery when the students return to campus. This is especially appealing to college students who may not have personal access to a vehicle.

You can also offer a free truck for students to use. If students have more than just a few boxes, they might need a truck to haul sofas, kitchen sets, mini-fridges, microwaves, and bedroom dressers to their rental unit.

When you advertise these college student specials, you could also offer free coffee and donuts in your main office. Free food and saving time and money are great enticements for students.

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