College, Business Storage Abound at Brunswick Pike

Posted on Jul 21 2011 - 9:18pm by Tony Gonzalez

Located in Trenton, New Jersey, the Brunswick Pike Extra Space Storage Facility is a bustling hub of commercial activity. Located at the edge of a popular travel route, their high visibility and convenient location have made them one of the most popular storage destinations in the entire state. Site Manager Kim Zimmerman has three major groups of clientele who frequent her facility, each with their own unique needs.

“I’m pretty equal with business and residential storage,” she says,” though I’m also a college site. Students store all of their door room items, since many of them live out of state. Usually, that traffic picks up from May to September. I’m probably one of their top choices, until I fill up!”

With less than ten miles separating Zimmerman and the prestigious Princeton University, it doesn’t take long for the Brunswick Pike Extra Space Storage facility to reach capacity. One of the main reasons for their popularity, she believes, is the facility’s unique construction.

“Customers can drive directly into our building for loading and unloading. I think we’re the only storage unit in the area where people can do that. So it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain outside. Customers can pull their truck right on in, load their dollies, and take their stuff right down to the unit.”

For those looking to store the vehicles themselves, the Brunswick Pike Extra Space Storage facility offers a pair of choices.

“I actually have two different kinds of parking spots,” says the Site Manager. “I have the normal outdoor parking spots, and then I have overhead spaces. So basically if it’s snowing, there’s an overhead which will actually protect the customers’ vehicles.”

Accessibility is another major draw of the Brunswick Pike facility. Set in the midst of a booming business district, Zimmerman’s Extra Space Storage facility is easily seen from all directions. As their name makes clear, they are located immediately off of the Brunswick Pike Road, also known as Route 1. This puts them smack in the middle of a prime travel path within easy driving distance of college students and business owners alike.

To get in touch with the folks as the Brunswick Pike Extra Space Storage facility, call the company’s toll free number at 1-888-STORAGE. Local residents can reach them by calling 1-877-534-7808. Internet users can visit their website by clicking here.

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