Climber with Double Knee Replacements Leaves for Mt. Everest

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 4:25pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Do you know anybody that has had a knee replacement?  You probably do because more than 600,000 are performed each year in the United States. By 2030, the demand for total knee replacement surgery will exceed 3 million.

Out of all of the people you know who have had knee replacements, how many have on their bucket list to climb Mount Everest? And, out of all of those people, how many do you know who plan to climb that imposing mountain have double knee replacements?

Utah Mountaineer, Greg Paul, has had both of his knees replaced. He left yesterday for Nepal in an attempt to be the first person with double knee replacements to summit the top of the world’s highest mountain.

SmartStop Self Storage(R) has provided backing to help Paul reach his goal. H. Michael Schwartz, chairman and CEO of SmartStop, stated that SmartStop likes to encourage people to reach new heights. His company is committed to helping athletes – and Greg Paul in particular – to achieve new levels in their endeavors. “SmartStop is an example of what is possible, and Greg Paul exemplifies that message,” Schwarzt said.

Paul attempted to climb Mount Everest in 2012. However, his attempt failed due to extreme weather, poor route conditions, and over-crowing on the mountain. His guides canceled the expedition.

For the last 16 months, Paul has been training 6 days a week for his climb in May. Paul mountain climbs, bikes, and participates in multiple endurance mountain and road bike races.

To his knowledge, he will be the first person with two artificial knees to attempt to summit Mount Everest . He claims that if he can get to the top of that mountain with his ‘Ortho’ knees, anybody ought to be able to participate in normal activities such as playing golf, climbing stairs, and playing with grandchildren. He wants to be a role model to baby boomers who think that they are too old to pursue their dreams – especially if they have an artificial knee.

Paul’s artificial knees were manufactured by Ortho Development Corporation of Draper, Utah. They are also sponsoring his summit attempt.

An avid mountaineer, Paul helped create Central Trade and Transfer, an online ebay-style auction service for illiquid securities. He is also the an owner of Utah’s largest indoor climbing gym, Momentum Indoor Climbing, located in Sandy, Utah.

SmartStop Self Storage is one of the fastest growing self storage businesses in North America. They have facilities in 17 states and in Ontario, Canada.

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