Chilean Company Will Soon Open the Coolest Self Storage Facility Ever Built

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 11:08pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Cool, hip, happening, fun—not adjectives that are often associated with the self storage industry. To be fair, there are not too many industries outside of ones that are entertainment related that do qualify as any of them. However, once Chilean developer Red Megacentro finishes renovating a multi-purpose facility in Miami that will all change.

With the way that the industry is growing in the United States it is not surprising that a company outside of the U.S. has decided to enter the fray. They are doing so in a cautious manner though. Rather than build new they are renovating an existing structure. 

Red Megacentro is not new to the self storage industry. The company operates around 7.5 million square feet of self storage space in Chile and Peru. When the space they are renovating in Miami is complete come spring it will be their first U.S. property. 

It is going to be a unique one too. The facility is going to be a part of a multi-use business facility. In total, the building is 185,000 square feet with 30,000 of it set to become a new self storage facility. In the remaining space there will be office space, a kitchen fixture showroom, and-here is the cool part—a go-kart track.

“We can accommodate any small to medium size (business) with a mix of office, self storage units and out small bay warehouse,” Pablo Wichmann, CEO at Megacenter Business Parks—the subsidiary developing the facility–said. “We offer flexibility for small tenants, with full services (unloading areas, temporary expansion possibilities, etc.”

Picture it Mom and Dad—you need to go to your self storage unit to look for that old picture album you never thought you would look at again but couldn’t throw away. You don’t want to leave the kids at home, but they are going to be bored as can be at the self  storage facility. They will probably be more of a hindrance than anything else.

That is, if you didn’t have a go-kart track in the same structure they could hang out at while you search!

The plan had been to have about half of the facility to be self storage space, but when the opportunity to add the go-kart company arose the developers decided to make the change.

“They are pretty adaptable, but they are interested in more self-storage,” Fetterolf said of Megacenter Business Parks.

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