Chicago Self Storage Facility has gone to the Dogs

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 9:15pm by Kim Kilpatrick

“It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear,” was one of the any phrases that bar regular Norm Peterson uttered upon entering the bar in the hit television show Cheers (from the 80s and 90s). While at times we can all appreciate the sentiment that he is expressing, there is no one that understands it better than some of the pups at the Chicago English Bull Dog Rescue (CEBR).

Like many other animal related places, the CEBR is a non-for-profit organization that often finds itself in need of things in order to take proper care of the animals that do come in. Not one to let a good charity go unaided, a member of the self storage industry (LifeStorage Wrigleyville) has stepped up to help CEBR get some of its needs met.

CEBR had asked if they could just sell some animal rescue related items at the facility, but that quickly changed. Rather than just sell merchandise whenever tenants or potential new tenants  come into the lobby the facility decided that it would do what many of its sister facilities—hold a garage sale.

“The CEBR approached us with this idea and we know many of our sister stores have held garage sales. The fact that this is already a successfully proven type of event for other LifeStorage facilities, and that we’re helping a charity in the process, well, how could we resist? We’re expecting a large turnout, so much so that we’ll have maps made so shoppers will know what units are open and selling,” store manager Melanie Mufich said. 

With funds that the organization is able to raise at the garage sale CEBR will be able to continue its purpose, helping bull dogs find good homes. Over the last five years CEBR has helped over 500 dog find good homes.

“I was able to help at a recent Garage Sale Event, and from my first-hand exposure, it’s really a great thing. With the right type of marketing and with the CEBR’s loyal following, this is a win-win…,” Mufich said.

Many of the LifeStorage facilities in and around the Chicago area have made it a practice to hold regular garage sales. Often times they will also invite outside companies in to present their wares and/or services. Tenants benefit by clearing out there units some. At the same time the facility gets a lot of good exposure from people coming to the garage sale.

The LifeStorage facility in Bridgview recently held its first garage sale in conjunction with the community sale called Treasure Days.

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