Chicago Self Storage Company Enlists Help to Improve Its Branding

Posted on Oct 31 2011 - 4:52pm by Tony Gonzalez

Branding is a marketing term that creates distinctive features for a company or a product that makes it easily identifiable from its competition. Branding can include features such as logos, color combinations, fonts, symbols, or catch phrases. It establishes qualities or characteristics that make a company different or special and makes it stand out in the market place.

LifeStorage in Chicago understands the benefits of establishing strong branding and has enlisted Smbolic to develop their brand. Symbolic is a strategic design and innovation firm with offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and Vancouver.

LifeStorage just completed a four-month period where they expanded their branding campaign in an effort to keep up with the rapid expansion that the company is experiencing. In the last year, LifeStorage has grown 70%, increasing from 10 locations to 17.

The recent marketing campaign focused on three key demographics: young renters, growing families, and empty nesters. Greg Samata of Smbolic said, “There was a need to bring an upscale LifeStorage brand message to the Chicago marketplace in general. By having that message carried by young professional people identifying with real-life situations, we were going directly to this demographic with a fresh modern message.”

Part of the marketing campaign included shooting commercials ‘in almost a fashion sense, to target them directly.’ They have also created a Facebook page with promotions and announcements and use Twitter that provide updates. They write a blog that shares news events such as a Trunk or Treat event they held on October 29 and participating in raising food and money for the Pantry of Rich Township. They have also held a garage sale and move-in special.

“Life Storage markets a higher esthetic than most storage companies and delivers services that this group is interested in, i.e.: Starbucks coffee and clean, modern facilities. So our decision was to shoot the commercials in almost a fashion sense, to target them directly,” Greg Samata said.

“It’s hard to measure the immediate effects of a multi-tiered campaign, but we have more and more people approach us and mention that they’ve seen or heard it now that the initial run is over. Certainly the campaign has helped from branding perspective. We feel in the long run, people in Chicago will continue to associate modern, affordable storage with the name LifeStorage,” Lach said.