Charity Work Goes Well for Self Storage Facilities on Both Sides of the Pond

Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 11:37pm by Winnie Hsiu

The self storage industry has long been a charitable one whether it is here in the United State or across the pond in England. When people drive by their local self storage facility they may now wonder if Storage Wars or Auction Hunters as has been there, but in the past it used to be what little league team they were sponsoring.

Charitable activity is something that many self storage facilities take pride in. Many engage in numerous activities of all sorts year round, but the one that you can count on most facilities participating in is some kind of toy drive around Christmas time.

In England, Access Self Storage has made it a regular event to support what is called an appeal for The Children’s Society. An ‘appeal’ is essentially the same thing as a toy drive. The company recently announced that this past holiday season tenants and people from the community donated over 250 toys to go to underprivileged children.

“Though the economic climate is tough, the generosity and support for this appeal has been overwhelming and really does make a difference to children’s lives,” said Paul Tate, a representative from the Children’s Society.

Many similar efforts were conducted across the United States; some individual efforts while others were a part of a larger collective effort. San Diego Self Storage participated in the latter.

This past holiday season marked the 14th time that San Diego Self Storage engaged in a company-wide toy drive in support of Toys for Tots. In the weeks prior to Christmas each of the company’s 18 facilities made collections; the company also collected toys at the San Diego Chargers home game against the Carolina Panthers on December 16 as well..

“We’re very pleased to announce a significant increase in the number of toys donated this year over our collection from last year…We’re grateful for all who donated during the campaign that allows us to provide a meaningful holiday celebration for families who are in need.”  

This season the company was able to overcome an early lull in donations to set a new record high with 16,232 donations being made. It was a substantial increase over the number collected in 2011 of 10,726 toys.

No matter where you are–whether you are in merry old England or the good ole’ U.S. of A– you can count on the self storage industry to do what they can to make a difference in their communities.

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