Change is Good But So is Continuity in the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jul 13 2013 - 12:23am by Tony Gonzalez

Some of the greatest innovations in history have been because people were always willing to challenge the norm. They were willing to seek change rather than be satisfied with the status quo. While that can be a good thing in many facets and walks of life there are just as many were doing the same thing and being predictable is good.

In the business world—self storage and otherwise—being innovative can be the difference between success and failure. However, at the same time people like to know there is something they can count on—like their self storage company getting involved in the community and hosting events.

LifeStorage, a self storage company with facilities in the Chicago area, has made it a practice to host a number of different events throughout the year and many on a regular basis—like their garage sales, and the store’s facility in Hermosa is preparing to host its second annual one Saturday, July 13. 

Just like with the first one they held in August 2012 the management team has been working hard to promote the event by word of mouth, fliers, emails, and even inviting people from the community to set up a table.

“The Garage Sale has the potential to provide stability, loyalty, and it build relationships so that our customers can refer more family and friends. It shows that we give back, care, and want this community to prosper in a positive direction,” one of the facility managers, Yecy Morquecho said. 

In doing so the company gets a great opportunity to market the facility to people that come to shop.

“It’s very important that we show that our facility is one of the best places to store your most prized possessions. You can leave your items here and not worry. We do these events to show that this is not just a corporation about money but a company that cares and wants to provide the best to everyone and see the surrounding community grow and be prosperous.”

Garage sales are not the only event that Life Storage facilities are known for having. In the past the Hermosa branch alone has been involved with several events such as a coat drives during the winter time and a blood drive last March.

“…LifeSource is a great organization, and we can’t overstate this enough: donating blood really does make a difference…it really can save a life. We encourage any community members that can take a bit of time out of their schedule to stop by and really make a difference, because every drop helps!”                                             

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