Chance Meeting Brings Life to New Self Storage Web Series

Posted on Feb 6 2014 - 12:43am by Tony Gonzalez

At one time if an idea for a television show was going to become reality it had to knock the socks off of enough studio executives to get the green light. With the money that went in to making them that was not easy. Nowadays there are options. The vast array of cable channels and the internet have made it possible for more ideas to reach fruition. That opportunity has give rise to yet another self storage industry program.

This one is not like the others though. Itis not like Storage Wars where people are bidding on units at auction in hopes of finding hidden treasure. It is trying to find things, but not necessarily in the unit; more so in another dimension.

It’s called The Storage Medium. No, it is not a spoof of the supernatural drama starring Patricia Arquette that was cancelled in 2010. It does, however, have a supernatural element.

Tron Jordheim, chief marketing officer at StorageMart, met psychic Joyce Keller at a conference. Keller happened to rent a unit at a StorageMart in New Jersey. Following the conference the two became friends and remained in touch.

One day they were hanging out along with Keller’s husband and the conversation turned to the reality show Storage Wars. From that conversation the idea for the show was born.

Essentially what happens is Keller will ‘read’ objects that people have and attempt to pick up vibrations or impressions from them. The discipline is called psychometry.

“We hope the camera captures the emotional connection she gets with people and how her insights really strike a chord with people,” Jordheim said. “Reading people and their things is not something one can turn on or off with a switch, and is always unpredictable. It is emotionally draining and physically exhausting to be a medium.”

It is just a web series for now and is scheduled for just three episodes (so far), but the hope is that it can turn in to so much more.

“We hope it becomes a hit show that runs many seasons,” said Jordheim. “I think the show will be fun for believers and skeptics alike. They will both have a lot to talk about.”

The first episode was posted to the website in late January and featured a woman that brought some objects that once belonged to her father, grandfather, and great aunt. In the second (posted February 4) a woman brought in a  wooden desk that Keller told her once belonged to a sea captain.

The final scheduled episode is expected to be posted next week. There has yet to be any word on whether they will continue making shows.

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