Carol Stream (IL) Park District Segues Into New Storage

Posted on Oct 17 2009 - 8:16am by Holly Robinson

The Carol Stream Park District moved into its new vehicle storage facility to allow for more space and better work environments according to an October 16 posting on (an online news source for Chicago’s Western suburbs.)

Director of Park and Facilities Bill Rosenberg stated that prior to the move to the new, enclosed facility at 280 Kuhn Road; vehicles were stored outside, in the elements, at Armstrong Park, while two small barns held equipment.

“It wasn’t big enough for the vehicles to be inside,” Rosenberg said. “Those other barns will eventually be coming down anyway”

Inside the new facility, all trucks, tractors, mowers, small hand tools and hand mowers fit nicely and are conveniently accessible.

“We can keep all of our trucks inside, so there is no chance of vandalism or weather (affecting them),” Rosenberg said.

Previously, when vehicles broke down, employees had to work on them outside in all types of weather (which can be precarious in Western Illinois at certain times of the year.) With this new equipment storage facility, there is an indoor area specifically dedicated to vehicle maintenance.

Rosenberg said the parks and facilities employees take care of the playgrounds, ball fields, parks and the maintenance on the park lands and buildings.

In Armstrong Park, Rosenberg said flooding became a big issue; his team found themselves continuously moving both vehicles and materials in and out of the barn area.

“I think the improvement will be the fact that our equipment and materials are in one spot,” Rosenberg said.

A common misconception is that the municipality of Carol Stream was named for a local minor waterway; there are several in the community; the largest is Klein Creek. In fact, Carol Stream may be the only community in America which took its name from the first and last names of a living person: Carol Stream, the daughter of its founder Jay Stream. Carol Stream is a village in DuPage, Illonois.