Caring for the Community a Common Theme Among Self Storage Facilities

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 11:42pm by Kim Kilpatrick

It is not unusual for businesses within the same industry—self storage and otherwise– to have similar characteristics. If the service and/or product that you provide is the same businesses are bound to be alike in structure and layout. However, while the product and structure of the business may be the same that does not mean the same principles are being applied. 

When it comes to many in the self storage industry there is a theme that is quite common—community. Since many businesses are looking to establish roots in their community so in order to do so they do the same thing. They get involved and help people when they can.

For example, Mission Bay Self Storage in Boca Raton, Florida, recently hosted an event that allowed them to give back in a couple of ways. On Sunday, February 16 the facility hosted a yard sale and family fun day with the intent to support the Palm Beach Musuem of Natural History. 

They didn’t stop there though. The company also hosted a bloodmobile as well.

Good will is not something that is exclusive to self storage facilities in the United States. Many facilities in the United Kingdom have been known to get involved in all sorts of charity work within their communities. Sometimes it is a regular scheduled event like collecting food around Thanksgiving or toys at Christmas time. 

Just like facilities in the United States they are also known for stepping up when tragedy strikes and the people are in need—much like Titan Self Storage in Littlehampton did recently when many in the community were affected by flood waters.

Winter weather had been exceptionally bad in the area; among the worst that it had seen in a couple of centuries. Storms caused damage for many as well as flood waters when things started to thaw. Rather than sit back and profit from the woes of the people they decided to step in.

A spokesman for Tital said: “We would like to offer our support to the local community during this devastating time of flooding. We always look to work closely and support the local communities around our facilities.

“People and communities have been hit hard, with storms causing damage to homes and people’s property, with flood waters adding to these woes.

It is our responsibility to support those communities and people affected at sensitive times such as these.”

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