Canadian Self Storage Company Makes a Difference for Elderly in Transition

Posted on Mar 31 2011 - 5:42pm by Winnie Hsiu

As we get older things we once did become more difficult. As we get older and into our twilight years we often tend to need some help to do some of the basic things that we once took for granted. With the help of a self storage unit a hospice program in British Columbia is able to give people the assistance they need.

In many cases when we reach that age we can fall back on our kids to help make our golden years as pleasant as possible. However, for some people that may not be an option. That is where hospice programs like Elderly in Transition come in hand.

The program run by the Nanaimo Community Hospice Society located on Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia has a dual purpose. It helps elderly that are trying to downsize and simplify their lives and families with estate goods. Items that they no longer want can be donated to the thrift store for sale.

When items are purchased that money then goes to help fund various hospice programs and services run by the hospital. After four years of operation the thrift store found that it was beginning to have a problem; it was running out of space.

“It didn’t take us long after we opened our thrift store four years ago to realize we needed more space,” said Daphne Catterson, Hospice Shoppe manager.

“So we got creative and started selling larger items online.  But the Elders in Transition program changed everything and we needed a large storage area for larger items.”

That is where the good people at U-Lock Mini Storage decided they could step in and help out by donating the use of a 10’ x 20’ storage unit to the program for the rest of the year.

“After 30 years of providing care in our community “the generosity of people in our community just continues to delight and amaze us,” said Wendy Pratt, Hospice executive director. “We are very grateful.”

The value of the unit that U-Lock Mini Storage donated to the program is about $3,400.

U-Lock Mini Storage has three different self storage facilities in the Vancouver area, one in Nanaimo and Victoria (both of which are on Vancouver Island) and another in the town of Surrey about 20 miles southeast of downtown Vancouver.


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