Canadian Art Storage Facility Earns artprotect(TM) Certification

Posted on Dec 8 2011 - 1:33pm by Tony Gonzalez

AXA ART announced that Armstrong Fine Art Services was awarded the coveted artprotect™ certification. This certification rates a storage facility’s ability to properly store and protect fine art and collectibles from damage, theft, and destruction.

In 2004, a fire in an art storage facility in Leyton (east London) destroyed all of the stored artwork for an estimated $100 million damage done. Work that was lost in the fire included pieces by Damien Hirst, Helen Chadwick, Patrick Heron, Gary Hume, Martin Maloney, and Sarah Lucas. Not only was the financial loss devastating, but the loss of cultural history was very significant.

The storage facility was part of an industrial building that included other businesses. Investigators discovered that burglars started the fire to cover up the theft of electronics stolen from one of the other businesses in the building.

This fired cause AXA ART to scrutinize the fine art warehousing industry. They investigated everything ranging from how they were stored and protected from damaging elements to theft and to fire and smoke damage.

They discovered that there wasn’t any standardized safety regulations. Safety conditions varied widely among the different facilities used for storage. They partnered with Global Risk Partners and developed a risk assessment system that evaluates storage facilities. Since they are a leading insurer of art pieces, their stamp of approval for storage facilities is highly coveted.

Because of the stiff regulations, Armstrong, a storage facility in Ontario, Canada, is pleased to be awarded this certificate. They are the first Canadian facility to earn this certification. Yesterday, they were recognized by AXA ART’s senior management at a special event in Toronto.

Ann-Louise Seago, Vice President of AXA ART in Canada acknowledged that, “In seeking this designation, Armstrong Fine Art Services exhibited the true meaning of stewardship. They took the time and resource to focus on what is paramount for the protection of valuable fine art and collectibles entrusted in their care daily”.

Armstrong Fine Art Services has over 40 years’ experience of storing, packing, crating, and shipping fine art and antiques. They have a new 85,000 square-foot climate-controlled facility with state-or-the-art security. They also offer private storage vaults and viewing rooms. When transporting items across Canada and around the world, they use time-tested and proven museum quality packing techniques. They can ship items over land, sea, and air and provide GPS tracking, air ride, and escorted and guarded services.

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