Can There Ever Be Too Much Security for a Self Storage Facility?

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 11:04pm by Holly Robinson

Can there be such a thing as too much security? Can a self storage facility actually take too many precautions to insure that what tenants entrust in to their care remains safe? Ask the tenant and the answer is probably no—that is, until they see how much their rent is.

Security does not come cheap. The more a self storage facility provides the more it has to charge. At the same time, saving money and charging less for rent is not going to look like a good idea if something were to happen.

For example, Kiwi Self Storage in New Zealand was recently the site of a massive fire. Many tenants lost everything including a pair of Academy Awards that Alex Funke won for his work in two of the Lord of the Rings movies. 

It took hours and over 30 hours to put the five-alarm blaze out; a task that was made much harder by the fact that there were no sprinklers installed. According to the company they are not required by law.

“I think this is basically just a bottom line issue. The company knew they could get away with not having sprinklers and so they went ahead and put storage facilities together without them because they could save a bit of money. It’s certainly not reflected in the price that they charge,” said one tenant who lost some valuable art work in the blaze.

Insurance can replace the monetary value of items, but not the sentimental value of them. So while cost may be a concern there still has to be some form of security and/or safety precautions whether they are required by law or not.

It’s just good business.

That being said, it is not necessary to go as far as one self storage facility has in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. RoboVault can handle hurricane type winds up to 200 mph. The walls of the structure are concrete and thicker than normal in order to help protect against theft, fire, bullets, and anything else that may cause harm.

At 30-feet above sea level the threat of flood waters is minimized and the fire suppression system is state of the art.

With all the security and precautions that are being taken the rent is definitely going to be higher than many facilities, but since the facility is targeting customers with fine art, antiques, wine, exotic cars, and other high end materials tenants are going to rather security and safety be top notch.

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