Boxbee Storage is Open for Business

Posted on May 20 2013 - 7:15pm by Tony Gonzalez

The boxes are free. Pickup is free. Instead of having a storage unit that is only half full, customers only pay for that space that is needed. That in a nutshell describes Boxbee – a simple urban storage solution.

The Boxbee self storage business is a new startup company in San Francisco and has been part of AngelPad (a startup Incubator). Boxbee recently won the best new startup award (out of 50 contenders) at the Launch conference in San Francisco.

Boxbee’s business premise is very appealing to customers. Storage costs only $6 a month per box. Here’s how it works. Customers order the number of boxes that they need. Boxbee delivers them. The customer fills them and schedules a pickup time. Boxbee picks up the boxes and stores them in their “secure storage hive” otherwise known as commercial warehouses. When a customer wants their belongings back, they request a delivery, which costs $15 plus $2 per box.

The boxes are quite large. They measure 24 inches long by 20 inches tall by 12 inches wide. They are perfect for storing things like winter clothing, electronics, textbooks, or extra camera gear for a budding photographer.

Using box-type storage is appealing to college students who go home or do an internship during the summer months, for travelers, or for apartment dwellers who need just a little bit more extra space.

Boxbee uses barcodes to keep tabs on customers’ boxes and what is stored in the boxers. Boxbee’s online dashboard keeps an inventory of images and tagged descriptions for the contents of each box. This helps customers locate particular items without having to open a box and sort through its contents. In the near future, Boxbee will start using a radio frequency ID tag that should improve their process.

Boxbee operates within a 15-mile radius of San Francisco and can make deliveries within hours of a customer’s request. Pick-ups and returns can be scheduled over the Internet or through a mobile app. Boxbee promises returns in less than two hours for “carloads” and next-day delivery for storage that requires a cargo van or truck.

Forbes ranked AngelPad as number 4 in the top global startup incubators. This is remarkable considering AngelPad is less than two years old. Twice a year, AngelPad mentors a select group of entrepreneurs and covers all aspects of a company launch – helping them develop their product, do market analysis and fundraising, and get customers. They helped Boxbee become what they are today.

Boxbee. Simple urban storage. Storage that comes to you.

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