Big Yellow Self Storage in the UK Has a Unique Interactive Campaign

A laser cannon moves horizontally back and forth on the bottom of the computer screen. The player fires at descending aliens that scurry back and forth horizontally on the screen as they advance toward the bottom of the screen. The more aliens hit by the cannon, the more aliens that descend in waves that come faster and faster. What game is this? It’s Space Invaders, an all-time classic arcade game released in 1978.

Big Yellow Storage
asks people: what items in your home “invades” your living space and takes up too much room? Is it holiday decorations? Sports equipment? Extra furniture? Big Yellow Self Storage has a response to those space invaders.

Big Yellow Storage, based in the United Kingdom, came up with a clever social marketing idea that is based on that old Space Invader game. It marries the concept of lack of space in a modern home with an arcade game from days of yore.

CHI & Partners created an interactive six-sheet game that is on the ground floor of Westfield Shopping Center in Shepherd’s Bush in London. Passers-by are encouraged to play the game.

To play, people scan a QR code on a poster with their cell phone. That turns their phone into a game controller where they can then use their phone to play the new, modified version of Space Invaders,

Instead of shooting aliens, players shoot household items and furniture. This clears space as they play the game. This fits with the tagline of Big Yellow Self Storage: Get some space in your life.

Everyone knows that social media is important to companies. This endeavor combines the social marketing aspect of 2014 with the principles of the arcade game from the late 1970s. It is one heck of a social media experience.

Westfield Shopping Center is part of the largest urban shopping center in Europe. This means that the interactive game is in an area where there is a very large number of possible players – which could result in a lot of customers for Big Yellow.

The new version of this game was created by Ben Stump and Simon Findlater. They work for The Confessional, a digital production company. They specialize in high-end digital products for the web, mobile, and outdoor venues.

Big Yellow Self Storage provides storage space for personal items, for businesses, and for those who have a wine collection.

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