AZ Self Storage Company Donates Units to Fire Victims

Posted on Mar 19 2010 - 5:38pm by Winnie Hsiu


The Phoenix branch of Everest Self Storage, a company which has long supported the Phoenix Fire Department, has announced that it will now serve as a drop-off location for donations to be given to the victims of local fires. In addition to being a location where people from all over the community can drop off items, Everest also accepts donations from its own customers when they clean out their storage units and find reusable household objects that they would like to give away.

The donations will be distributed through AZ Compassion-in-Action, a volunteer organization that was formed for the purpose of helping people who suddenly and without warning become the victims of financial hardships, such as a fire.

Compassion-in-Action was founded in 1991, by a member of the Phoenix Fire Department, Kim Mills. Mills feels strongly about helping people who suddenly become the victims of accidents, because when she was in the fifth grade, her father was badly injured in a fall, becoming physically and mentally disabled. Mills started AZ Compassion-in-Action in her own garage. Fortunately, just as the organization was ready to outgrow Mills’ garage, she happened to meet Tony and Maria Bates, the managers of the Everest Self Storage branch located on Phoenix’ Bell Road. They offered to donate three units and to make the site an active collection point for the organization.  

Everest Self Storage has been contributing to the Phoenix Fire Department Outreach Program for almost ten years. In addition to the space it donates to AZ Compassion-in-Action, Everest also donates three units of storage space directly to the Phoenix Fire Department Outreach Program. The units are used to store donations from local drives, and to distribute items to victims of fires.

Everest Self Storage has several locations, throughout the United States and Canada. In Canada, however, its branches are called Advantage Self Storage.

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